Frozen Dawn

Probably the most dramatic conditions I’ve ever witnessed, at one of the most beautiful locations I know of.

The official temperature when this shot was taken was -9F. The amount of mist pouring off the water was unbelievable. On the drive down, you could see the sea smoke from miles away, as columns drifted probably 80 ft. in the air around Portland. When we arrived at Fort Williams Park, home of Portland Head Light, we were amazed to see large breakers rolling in from the recent storm, with mist coming from each one. What an incredible effect!

~Stunning Simikot~

Simikot is the administrative headquarters of Humla District of Karnali Zone in the mountain region of northwestern Nepal.

Access to Simikot from developed parts of Nepal is mainly by air. Simikot Airport’s relatively short 549 metres (1,800 ft) runway at nearly 3,000 metre elevation requires passenger planes with STOL characteristics such as Dornier Do 28 and de Havilland Twin Otter.



The eastern face of Oregon’s Broken Top, an extinct volcano, as seen from a melting glacial lake on its shoulder at sunset. The bluish-turquoise color of these melting pools is caused by glacial silt. The reddish-pink color of the snow is due to both the red volcanic dust captured within it, and the reflection of the intensely red light above. This red light only lasted for a couple minutes, and was extremely pervasive, due to haze from nearby wildfires. This is a panoramic stitch of six vertical images to encompass an extremely wide view, necessary for this composition because of these pools’ proximity to these nearly thousand-foot-prominent peaks.

This is another of my favorite images from backpacking around the Northwest this summer, and this trip was with Erin and Jeff in early August. We nearly canceled beforehand due to the heavy wildfire smoke in the area, but decided to hike up anyway and try to wait it out. The haze prevented us from capturing the intense, direct sunrise light we’d hoped for on this face of the mountain, but this unexpected and short-lived burst of insane color was gifted to us on the final night of the trip. We had come early in August hoping to shoot icebergs in the lake (and there were some to be found), but we didn’t expect to be able to walk out on the still-mostly-frozen lake and find these melting reflecting pools. Since we (incorrectly) believed the main road was still closed, we took the Tam McArthur Rim route – about twice as long as the standard hike, at around 10 miles round-trip. Worth it.

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The Sunset

Caught this intense sunset around a residential area in Kansas city, Missouri. I was not prepared for this at all, I only had my zoom long lens with me so part of the foreground was out of focus .This is a very ordinary shot of a neighborhood but the intense sunset made me feel like it’s somewhat 500px worthy. There is so much color and details in it, the jpeg file of this photo is (21MP camera) about 25MB.

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